Community conversations

An invitation to Gather * Connect* Learn * Act


Monday October 9th:

7 PM (EST)/ 4 PM (PST)  

A FREE Monthy Virtual Community Conversations- an inclusive space designed for parents, teachers, therapists, caregivers, and community members working with teens - we welcome adults interested in discovering how to best support teenagers.

We'll focus on a different topic each month 


Every day, I hear questions and statements such as : - “it’s just so hard, I'm so busy, what do I do? How do I help my teen? I’m just so tired. “

I hear you - whatever your relationship is with teenagers is- it can be exhausting, challenging and wonderful.

They are growing up in a completely different world than we did. Raising and working with teens amidst social media, school safety, and the effects of the pandemic is uncharted.

And you don’t have to navigate alone.

I aim to bridge the gap between what we observe and experience with our teens and our desire for a connection and a better future.

Together, we will explore resources and support while acknowledging the challenges we face.


Yoga Nidra & Energy Healing

October 5th- 6: 15-7:30

At Element 50

14 Sanford Street Fairfield, CT-

All proceeds from this class will be donated to families in Morocca

My friend and neighbor,  Naj Noonan is supporting her family back in Morocco, many have lost their homes and were injured during the earthquake earlier this month. I will be donating 100% of money for this class to support her in active fundraising.  💜

Yoga Nidra and Energy Healing in crystal shop- already feels lovely !!

Together We create a space that is intentional to rest, to nourish and refresh
These experiences will include journaling, gentle yoga, yoga nidra, Reiki healing, and time for sharing in the community.

Yoga Nidra, which translates into yogic sleep is a conscious state of awareness in an incredibly deep state of relaxation. This time is the gift of restoration through a powerful and multi-sensory experience.

  • Techniques during the practice will guide you to:
  • Relax the whole system - total rest of mind.
  • Be in a sleeplike state to learn how to relax consciously.
  • Explore beyond the thinking mind towards sensing and feeling.
  • Turn down the volume of the nervous system.
  • Unlock awareness and reunite with your true self.Create and envision possibility.

Some benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  • A 30-45 yoga nidra session is equivalent to giving your body 4 hours of deep sleep
  • Reduces stress, fear, anxiety
    Expands resiliency
  • Reduces heart rate, slows down brain waves,
  • Creates harmony
  • Opens the gateways to explore and deepen the relationship with yourself

Journey Through the Chakras

Connect • Explore • Move • Heal

Each 90 minute session you will receive: time to connect through sharing, information about the chakras, journaling, yoga, and a reiki healing.

Connect: To give yourself permission to take time for yourself in community with others.

Explore: To learn about the chakras and gain awareness of how they relate to your life.

Move: To be guided through yoga as a way to move through where you may be feeling “stuck” SO you can create space for possibility and peace.

Heal: To allow for rest and healing to integrate.

This is for you if:

Maybe you are already super familiar with chakras. And/Or …what the heck is a chakra anyway? This will be a safe space to pause and cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and others. Awareness of the chakras can become a guide to support you as you navigate what is showing up in life.

Perhaps the most magical part of this series is that we will be enveloped in crystals. You will have time to explore crystals and learn how they can also support you in powerful ways.

Yoga for Compassionate Healing

Grief Yoga With Reiki Healing

Together we will explore how grief may be present in your life while you move through a cycle of transformation to gain awareness, release struggle so you can reconnect with love.

We can experience grief in different shapes and forms. Grief may be the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, pet loss, and our current situation. In some ways, we are all grieving the life we expected. Everyone has their own unique experience with emotions connected to grief. Grief yoga is not a "regular" yoga class focused on strength or flexibility. Rather, it's a practice of emotional liberation held with compassion.

Together We will share, move, connect, rest and receive

In addition , I will be infusing loving Reiki energy throughout your session to support a sense of balance and peace.

Conscious breathwork to welcome powerful change

Beth uses a conscious breathwork technique to move energy through the body and truly heal.

This process allows you to disconnect from the mind and enter a deep space healing to enhance mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

Some benefits of breathwork may include:

  • Release feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and/or anger
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Release trauma and energy blocks
  • Gain clarity in areas of your life
  • Expand awareness and deepen your intuition
  • Develop peace, calm and personal meditation practice


"Her confidence and clarity create the backdrop for an experience of freedom and fluidity. I felt both challenged and delighted by Beth's permission to tune into my own experience"

"All the sessions were very supportive. I loved being outside and throwing /keeping our rocks. I also loved our community meals. I thought there would be more times I would want to be alone but I craved the community of the people we were with and wanted just more of togetherness."

I am having a hard time putting into words. But I feel warm and open and curious about my next level of healing. You made me feel safe and connected to all that is inside of me. I a m so grateful