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When I Plant Seeds

May 13, 20232 min read

Dear Friends,

Today, I bought myself some flowers. 1- because I wanted to give myself a gift. 2- to bring beauty into my home and 3- as a reminder to literally pause & smell the flowers.

When you plant a seed- It needs attention with water & sun. In time- something grows. Sometimes it’s what you expected and sometimes it’s unexpected.

This is the same in life-

A lot of “seeds” I planted are being revealed into growth. I am intentionally pausing so I don’t let the beauty just pass by without savoring what I notice. What I love most is that all these moments and experiences embody the essence of "together". Together's not about's all of of us.

  • Last year I had an idea to go to a ski town for a month. I'm celebrating my experince and how I feel after spending a month working & skiing in Park City. I feel connection, inclusivity, kindness and fun.


  • What feels like a long time ago- I planted a seed of intention to lead a retreat with Tuesday’s Children. For a little over a year, I have been supporting an incredibly special group of young adults- all have a parent who died 9/11. There is no end to grief- yet our relationship to the painful emotions can shift and alchemize to more love and connection. The retreat was this past weekend and I’m celebrating the magic and the possibilities. The experience was sacred, expressive, healing, peaceful (and so much more!)


  • Partnerships are being created to bring Life School 360 to organizations and schools. Supporting teens, families and communities who feel stress and anxiety feels meaningful, inspiring and hopeful. Curious about Life School for your teen, family or community? Learn more here: Life School 360 

I’m part of a couple community events where people are open and authentic in relation to mental health and how to bring AWARENESS and take different ACTION. Check these out and hope to see you there!

  • Middle Meets - created and moderated by Georgette Pascale Please join us for a night of education, real talk and tips about teens and mental health and- cocktails, mocktails and light food Wednesday 4/21 from 6- 8 in Fairfield, CT-


  •  Havyn Health Summit invites anyone interested in wellness to come together at HAYVN for an afternoon of discovery, connection and learning— The main event of the day will be a panel with speakers. You will also have a chance to indulge with delicious healthy food, drinks and get access to a number of vendors who will be showcasing their businesses. Monday 4/24 from 4-7 in Darien, CT

These are all examples of relationships that begin with seeds of service, a desire to help -mixed with trust, patience and action.

What is some growth you notice from seeds planted? And, what are some seeds you desire to plant in this present moment? Together we are creating hope and possibilities

With Gratitude,


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