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December 21, 20222 min read

Dear Friends,

Together We spent the last 8 weeks going through a Life School 101 series and I am just wow-ed!! So much awareness on so many levels. I witnessed such courage, vulnerability and shifts!

These sessions are designated for teenagers & parents and at the same time the concepts & tools are really universal. We are in this together.

I would love to share some awareness and tools to support you while in the midst of holiday time that can bring on stress and overwhelm/ and love and joy.

Concepts/ Where people are feeling “stuck”

  • Feeling judged/Comparing to others

  • Self Doubt- Wanting to be ok just as you are

  • Overwhelmed by emotions (and maybe not sure what some of the emotions are)

  • All that goes along with social media

  • Feeling alone or “too much”

A few (general) tools

  • Pausing

  • Using different breathing techniques to calm down the nervous system

  • Moving the body

  • Allowing emotions to shift

  • Journaling

  • Time to play

  • Time to connect

  • Time to rest

A few comments from a participant that remind me why I love sharing Life School 101

  • It all just clicked

  • Such a simple concept but need to practice

  • Key points to sustain feeling calm and happy

  • If feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious, - can take time to notice, use my breath, watching my thoughts and let emotions shift

  • Leaned to change relationship to emotions

  • My relationship with myself is better

I hope that something in this message lands with you. Maybe it’s evidence that you are not alone if you are feeling challenged right now. Maybe it’s a gentle nudge to take new action if feeling “stuck”. Maybe it's a reminder to connect with people or places where you feel accepted and seen.

Giving kids this space to "be" and receive tools that will create a foundation of awareness and empowerment is such a gift.

Our kids needs this- We need this - Together, we can do this.

This January 10th - February 14th, I will be hosting Life School 101 in person for middle school girls! 6 sessions for the kiddos and 2 sessions for parents ( we need this too !)

Space is limited to 8 spots

Together We will come together to learn about who we are.

Together We will normalize experiences and emotions

Together We will learn tools so that we can thrive in an uncertain and confusing world

Together We will move, play and rest

Together We will make friends

Click here to learn more

 Life School 101- Middle School in Fairfield, CT 

Wishing you all peace and ease

With Gratitude,

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