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Spring is Here

September 25, 20232 min read

Dear Friends,

We are shifting seasonally and energetically from Winter to Spring. Winter can represent a time of less action and slowing down. We may feel more drawn to stay inside and under a cozy blanket. If Winter represents a darker time of rest, Spring becomes a time of light and new possibilities.

I’ve chosen to spend the time that Winter and Spring overlap in Park City, Utah. I’m here working remotely, skiing and exploring. Today, I had a morning and afternoon of clients and in between I skied with a blue sky, bright sunshine and fresh powder. I kept trying to pinpoint the thoughts that were in my mind,the flow of my breath and the emotions that were present. And what came to me was that I was embodying presence.

I have been present to the space in between. In between home and here. In between Winter and Spring. In between discomfort and courage.

And, I can feel the energy of Spring coming. Now is the time to align with new action, of intentionally aligning with what feels ready to be created.

Let’s break this down into a whole health perspective so you can see how it relates to your day to day. With this awareness, I invite you to notice how shifts can be revealed. These are general examples and you may or may not relate. If not, please discover examples that work for you. And, these examples are not absolute, yet perceptions of what seasons represent.

The mind in Winter energy - thoughts related to: not enough, undeserving, comparison

The mind in Spring energy - thoughts related to: possibility, inspiration, creativity

Emotions in Winter energy- sadness, fear, exhaustion

Emotion in Spring energy - excitement, joy, motivation


The body in Winter energy - sleepy, low energy

The body in Spring energy- strong, fiery, free

We’re human so of course, we will experience an array of emotions throughout the seasons. But, we can use nature and the phases of the seasons as a playful guide towards awarness and as a way to set intentions.

As we shift from the darkness of winter, let us find the courage towards resilience as we open up to the new-ness of Spring.

I love to connect with you! So, if you feel guided to share with me- what is something that you are releasing with Winter and something that you are inviting in with Spring?

With Gratitude,


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