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December 31, 20225 min read

Dear Friends,

The end of each year ignites reflection and inspiration.

It can be interesting to observe a whole years’ perspective. What if we pretend to travel and fly over the year noticing the peaks and valleys? I'll share some of mine and I invite you to do the same.

Let’s begin with some light favs:

Books- This is tough to pick! ….I read a lot of books for work that I also happen to really love. A couple of meaningful books: “American Detox", Kerri Kelly, “The Untethered Soul” Michael Singer, "The Artists Way", Julia Cameron. Many books on Yoga, Polyvagal Theory and EMDR.

And non work related: Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens

Shows- Handmaid's Tale, and I just watched Fleishman is in Trouble - so good! And yes, I will admit that I watch the Bachelor.

Music- Anything Michael Franti. A fav - I Got You. I will preface that, according to Spotify, some of my “most played” are what I listen to when running or teaching yoga so it's an interesting vast range! A few of these include: Countdown (Beyonce), Mi Gente (Beyonce, J Balvin), Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max), Do It To It ( ACRAZE,Cherish) I Lived, One Republic, This Little Light if Mine , The Sun Will Rise (JJ Heller), Grateful (Nimo), One Day (Matisyahu), Grace (MC Yogi)

A few positive memorable moments - Big & Small - all with lots of meaning

- Danny graduating high school - the many senior year activities!! XC, Skiing, Rugby, mom/son breakfast, Karaoke at a grad party - Danny beginning college - All Segaloffs together around the Thanksgiving table - MomBies - Live music events - from Zeke’s band, Flo-Rida, & Javier Colon for Miki’s bday - Walk in the rose garden with Rebecca and Laurie- Dinners & Backgammon at the Ginsbergs - Vermont with Adlers - Cressted Bute ski trip

What I'm proud of:

- Danny/being his mom - Launched and lead 3 rounds of Life School 101 - Continued partnerships and collaborations (to name a few) with incredible people (Paul Denniston, David Kessler) and organizations (Tuesday's Children, UPenn) - Podcast interviews- Booked a place in Park City for almost 3 weeks this March to ski and play. (I’ll be taking a little time off but working from there)

What inspires me:

Work/Purpose- Together We…..

- Rebranding the concept of mental health - Wellness” for ALL - Expansion of Life School 101 so this work can be of most service and impact for teens, families, and communities - guiding Grief Yoga, Yoga Nidra - The authenitc, vulnerable & meaningful relationships with my 1:1 clients - being of service


I often use the metaphor of a mountain connected with healing and growth.

We get to a destination and think “phewww”, I'm here! And I picture myself at the top with a gorgeous view. Then, I feel knocked down. And it feels horrible. Something gets me up. The time it takes me to get up may feel like a minute or a gazillion minutes. Either way, I keep going. I explore and find new tools and people to join. This new path feels different. Maybe easier, harder, more fun, steeper, rockier, smooth. I reach the next view and I am wow-ed. I see beauty and feel incredible. I see, feel and relate differently to this view. And again, I feel pushed down. And I think “WTF”, again!? I may lay there and have a tantrum for a bit. I get back up and repeat. It’s different. Different people or maybe no one, different weather, emotions and tools. This path may be curvy or straight, shorter or longer. The environment shifts, my senses are ignited or maybe numbed. I may feel alone or may feel 100% supported and divinely guided. Once again, I arrive at a view even more beautiful than the last. How does it get better than this? And repeat.

Realizing that healing and growth is based on the space I am standing in right now. So, when something shows up that needs attention, I am experiencing it from a different perspective than the last time. I may not like it and may feel like I have been here before, but I haven’t. So I don’t get stuck….I have to remember that I am in a different place and can stand in wisdom and grace. I can take the next path with more resilience, excitement and hope.

Sone action steps I can take to make dreams possible and/or stay in the energy of expansion

- Go to dance as much as possible - if you are local to Fairfield,CT- join me! Pure fun and joy! - Adventure and travel. This can be a small step…find a new place in nature and go there - Continue to receive my own professional support - Continue to learn- forever a student - Practice forgiveness - Cultivate relationships that align (personal & professional) - More yoga - More reading - More writing - Less stuff - Give back

As I arrive at the begining of 2023:

I am lead by light - I lead with light - I am light

Together We are lead by light - Together We lead with light - Together We are the light

And, let's have more FUN and PLAY along the way!!

What are your insights as you reach the peak and reflect on 2022 and see the vision of what's to come. Feel free to share with me, I'd love to know ;)

With Love & Gratitude,



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