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Hello February

February 08, 20232 min read

Dear Friends,

Hello February!

I recently wrote about the journey of climbing a mountain representing growth and healing. Brief recap- falling, regrouping and healing from new perspectives. You get the idea, right?

The beginning of 2023 felt like one of those falls. When it seemed like the rest of the world was starting off 2023 with new goals and intentions, I felt like I was dropping. And every day, many times a day I chose to get up and keep going.

Let me pause… A limiting belief is that I do it all alone. My mind and body have a lot of evidence of this belief. Divorced, Ben’s death, friendships that have fallen apart and a recent one- being lied to and scammed by a new hire (to help me grow Life School). It hurts. It can feel like the universe keeps handing me experiences where I am left feeling alone and undervalued. And sometimes it feels like a “F*!k You”. Can you relate?

AND, I am my own best client. I am massively committed to re-wiring and finding my way back to the truth that I am loved and valued. In time, with practice and support, I understand the meaning that is reflected from each experience. I am shown the wisdom and the reminders of worth.

All of the evidence that points to limiting beliefs is in the past. It can shift. In this present moment, I am choosing to perceive these experiences as reminders of what I truly desire and there is always light there.

I feel a shift beginning and I wonder what the new perspective will be. What will I see differently?

This morning I sat and felt into the experiences that are filling me up- these are evidence too- the beautiful relationships I have with my clients, a friend's invitation to a show, live music with college friends, a forgiving healing conversation with a friend, time with Danny. Guiding Yoga Nidra in my new space. Dance class, a walk on the beach with Shookie and a friend, a simple text or phone call, rebrand with Soul Camp, Sam Flores and her integrity, devotion and care, and the multiple relationships I am building to bring Life School 101 into communities.


I embrace and savor the evidence of being supported in all ways I desire.

So if you began 2023 in an attempt to create New Year's resolutions/intentions and your start may not be what you wanted. It’s ok. Begin Again with me. You are not alone either. Let’s begin again today; with less judgment and more compassion.

Together We create new possibilities

Together We are resilient

Together We are courageous

Together We are willing

With Gratitude,


"The past doesn't determine your future unless you carry it with you into the present. Forgiving yourself and others, you free yourself and the universe to begin again at any moment" - Marianne Williamson


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