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Back To Reality

May 20, 20232 min read

Dear Friends,

When someone says, “Back to reality” - my response is, “That was reality too”- Whatever it is that you created time and space for is possibly more real than anything.

In our busy and overwhelming world, the concept of taking time for ourselves is often discussed and encouraged. However, many people find it challenging to carve out time for themselves and create space for self-care within their everyday realities.

When someone returns from a vacation, retreat, or special event, the phrase "back to reality" is often accompanied by a sense of disappointment or resignation. But what if we reframed our understanding of reality? What if we acknowledged that every experience, whether it's savoring the beauty of nature or indulging in a mindful cup of tea, holds its own value and authenticity?

Here's the thing: all those moments, whether it's a relaxing beach trip, or an engaging yoga class, are part of reality too. Taking a break and indulging in these activities is just as real as any other realities such as laundry and errands. We tend to overlook this and assign value judgments, labeling certain experiences as more desirable or "better" than others.

As someone who recently took a month-long adventure, I understand the importance of integrating those "away" moments into my current realities. Skiing through an epic season, meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone became my reality, even as bills, friends, family and my dog awaited my return to Connecticut. Even though I brought my work with me, the change of scenery allowed me to experience a different reality—a reality filled with magic and adventure.

I find ways to integrate the magic and serenity of that experience into my current reality. That reality embodied the essence of everything authentically real to me.

Intentional time away from our everyday lives often feels more real than anything else. It provides us with spaciousness, allowing us to see, hear, taste, touch, and sense the world through a different lens. By embracing all our realities we can find balance and fulfillment in each moment, whether it's an escape or simply a moment of pause in our daily lives.

Remember, it's all reality.

With Gratitude,


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