With Individual Therapy Together We can Heal your Past, Embrace your Present and Explore Possibilities.


With Individual Therapy, Together We can Heal your Past, Embrace your Present and Explore Possibilities.

Together We

Experiencing struggle and levels of grief and trauma are common and part of the human experience.

I was so compelled to move through the grief & trauma in my life that I believe it showed me a new pathway through.

This is why I stand here before you able to help.

I didn't want my past to control my present or future any longer.

I’m here now, committed to my own growth and wanting to help you and others move through their stories too.

Together We...

will embark on a transformative journey, uncovering the depths of your stories, living fully in the present, and co-creating a future filled with possibilities.

Together We will focus on cultivating presence engaging fully with the here and now, fostering clarity, peace, balance and groundedness. We'll explore beliefs that are not serving you and create new perspectives, embracing your strengths and passions to unlock your potential for growth and empower positive changes in your life.

My approach is grounded in creating a safe and supportive environment where you can feel seen, heard, and understood. Having your story witnessed and validated can be incredibly healing.

We are multifaceted beings, composed of numerous layers and parts that together form our wholeness and life experiences can sometimes lead to disconnection among these parts and layers.

Union is one - bringing together.

Sometimes parts are clear and present with awareness. Sometimes parts are hiding and quiet- not wanting to be seen. The whole system experiences layers of thoughts, emotions,physical sensations and breath connected to each part of you.

Together We will welcome back all the parts of your wholeness, like an internal Re-Union.

The process of reuniting with all the parts of ourselves requires a space that is trusting, gentle and compassionate. It’s a journey that takes time and patience, and the rewards are profound. As you feel more whole and integrated, you can experience greater inner peace, self-acceptance, and authenticity.

Acknowledging this and seeking to reunite with all aspects of ourselves is a brave choice of self-discovery and healing.

The past is in the past - it doesn't have to be your present and future too.

Together We can navigate and heal the stories of the past, pause and embrace the present and be curious and empowered towards hope and possibility.


My unique combination of these modalities enables my clients to fully work through their stories connected to grief and trauma.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), is a therapeutic method that helps individuals process, heal and restore adverse and traumatic experiences. This powerful process can bring about profound shifts in one's well-being.

I incorporate Yoga/gentle movement into my practice to connect the mind, body, and spirit, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and a sense of inner calm.

Reiki is Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation and balance in the body. As a Reiki master, I integrate energy healing as a way to reduce stress, release emotional blockages, and promote an overall sense of peace and connection to something greater than ourselves.

My approach is truly holistic - supporting the whole of you

Emotions are energy connected to experiences that we then give a label.

We are capable of feeling a vast range of feelings yet we are not taught how to identify or process emotions.

A few facts - emotions can range from immense sadness to extraordinary happiness & there is so much in between. Emotions never stay forever- they always shift. And one more fact- so many of us avoid emotions. Consider this for a moment- if you avoid or numb the challenging feelings- does this also mean you deny yourself the favorable feelings?

Our mind can be an extremely busy and noisy place (and often not very kind). This voice can be critical, judgy and all consuming - you wouldn't speak to someone you love in this way after all!

So, let’s learn about this powerful tool and how to shift our relationship to the thoughts with more kindness and compassion.

I am not enough. I don’t deserve love, I am broken. These are deeply held beliefs, gain momentum and become the guiding thoughts that effect emotions and shape patterns and actions.

The inner critic in our minds speak words no one would ever say to a friend (or hopefully not to anyone). This voice can be especially loud and pervasive during the times when what you actually need is compassion and kindness. These thoughts may be full of judgment, comparison and fear. Learning how to observe and watch thoughts as beliefs and not facts is a practice that offers relief and a shift in perspective.

The issues are in your tissues. Phrases like - a pain in my neck, the weight on my shoulders, a knot in my stomach, We say these phrases but have you ever really paused and noticed?

The body is always giving you signals to pay attention to. Always. Yet, we are not taught how to listen to the body's sensations as a way to understand ourselves.

I know times in my life when I became disconnected from my body. It's during these times that the stories found a place in the body. If we don't acknowledge these sensations and move them through they become stuck and over time- the physical pain and discomfort we feel are actually unhealed experiences.

The body reacts when it experiences positive and negative moments. Fight, flight and freeze are the body's reactions to that experience. And, the body is so wise that it is always responding to what it knows-

So, anytime it senses danger- it will revert back to what it knows to keep you safe.But the fact is - these were snapshot moments. They are not happening right now. So the body doesn't have to shut down but it doesn't know the difference.

The body wants to heal and feel safe and calm. And this is possible- with patience and practice in a space that feels safe.

Your breath is like an internal superpower that is accessible to you at any time.

Your breath is a tool to unlock and access what you need in any given moment.

There are so many breathing techniques for any given moment - some to initiate calmness, increase energy, breathing to wake you up, breathing to help you sleep, breathing to feel a sense of balance amidst chaos. Breathing to restore your whole system. Sometimes it’s even like giving your system an internal organ massage! The breath is a portal towards accessing intuition and inner guidance.

Some Benefits of Breathwork may include:

  • Release feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and/or anger

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Release trauma and energy blocks

  • Gain clarity in areas of your life

  • Expand awareness and deepen your intuition

  • Develop peace, calm and personal meditation practice

We are all basically nervous systems reacting and responding to other nervous systems. Imagine your nervous system is like a volume dial. Life’s circumstances will shift the volume dial at any given time. The uncertainty of the pandemic, seeing something on social media that activates you, your breath is a tool to turn the volume.

Integrating breathing techniques will signal the nervous that it’s safe and that you are ok to be at ease.


Welcome to a space where you are understood, validated, seen, and heard. When you experience a relationship that contains trust and acceptance, your nervous system begins to slow down, bringing into a place where healing is possible.


Individual Therapy

"Our daughter has been working with Beth for several months now and from a mother’s perspective, their time together has been invaluable. Our daughter has vocalized her ability to act rather than react. To change the narrative from being overwhelmed to being calm, present and capable of navigating her life in a purposeful way. There is a lightness and confidence in her that is undoubtedly the direct result of working with Beth"


"Beth is a beacon of light and just being in her space will change your whole day for the better. This woman walks her talk and it inspires. Beth has helped me expand the view of myself in a way that is profound, joyful, and healing. If I had to describe a session with Beth I would say.... grounded, authentic, powerfully profound, joyful, and a true treat. Give yourself the chance to heal with this incredible human being."



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