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Hi, I'm Beth, and I believe in Serendipity.

Hi, I'm Beth, and I believe in Serendipity.

It's through story that we relate and feel a deep sense of connection

My intention in sharing parts of my story is to create a safe space for you to share your story. I believe that when we open up and share, this empowers and gives others permission to do the same. While our experiences may be different, I feel we all desire to be seen, heard, and feel a sense of belonging.

Life has taken me on a remarkable rollercoaster...

...filled with unexpected twists and turns. Through both planned and unplanned experiences, I've discovered that personal growth and meaning often emerges from pain and sadness.

Motherhood has been the cornerstone of my life, even as my son embarks on his college journey. Going through a divorce when my son was only two years old was incredibly challenging. And it led me to discover inner strength and bravery.

I was blessed to find true love again. Six weeks into dating, Ben said, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we are getting married next summer on the beach. The bad news is that I am being deployed.” A little over one year later, two men in uniform knocked on my door and told me that Ben was killed in Afghanistan.

The weight of grief became unbearable, and it also opened doors to unresolved experiences from my adolescence and young adulthood.

Embracing Transformation and Healing

Seeking solace, I sought support in various forms

Talk therapy was helpful but I still felt so stuck. I experienced profound peace when a friend offered me Reiki which ignited a spark and led me towards a path of spiritual awakening.

Another powerful healing modality, EMDR, helped reshape my relationship with the past, while my yoga mat evolved into a sacred sanctuary where I could fully embrace and honor my emotions and physical sensations. The practice of movement, breathwork and meditation is often followed by stillness. Being still is not easy and still requires practice. I continue this practice with the intention of showing up with nurturance and self compassion


Guided by Inner Wisdom

Awakening to the intricate layers that shape my authentic self, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, guided by the whispers of my inner knowing and intuition.

This path of transformation continues to be nurtured through dedicated loving practices and continued support. The voice of wisdom that had long been overshadowed by pain finally emerged, propelling me forward.

Rooted in my own experiences of grief, trauma, and a 16-year tenure as a school-based social worker, I have been led to this moment, where my purpose is to be for others what I desperately needed during pivotal transitional periods in my own life.

I know that to live my life to the fullest is to be courageous, vulnerable, authentic, loving, compassionate and giving. I am devoted to being the best person I can be every day.


I don't refer to "change" so much anymore. Rather, I look to words such as "process," "journey," and "evolving."

This does not mean that difficult experiences and emotions are erased. It is not about "moving on," but rather "moving through." By being present in the moment, each of us can create a new future; embracing challenging times as a place for personal growth. Peace, balance, self-worth and love for life are all possible.

I look forward to taking this journey with you

Find Peace and Joy


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Do You Ever...

- Feel like you're going to break if anything else is added to your plate? Like it could all fall apart at any given minute?

-Feel like the to-do list never endsFeel like you spend all day looking after everyone else?

-Constantly feellike you have to please everyone else - but not yourself?

-Feel angry, grumpy, frustrated without warning; you're triggered seemingly without cause?

-Feel as though things are out of your control?

-Feel like an imposter - wearing a "mask" to hide who you really are?


If you could be "patiently present" in the moment.

If you could find relief from frustrations and conflict?

If you could experience great relationships?

While our stories may be different, I deeply empathize and wholeheartedly connect with the grief and trauma many of us carry. If the stories connected to your past are controlling your present, I can help.

Together We can shift the narrative.

The past is in the past - it doesn't have to be your present and future too.

It can feel as though Grief and Trauma are ever present, strong and powerful - it's time to shift that reality.

We can't change or control what happened in the past

but we can control how it affects today by shifting the relationship with our beliefs, emotions and experiences.

We can reframe our stories of pain, grief and trauma to love, connection and healing. All of this results in a powerful shift in perspective.

It's incredibly difficult to do this alone Together We can navigate and heal the stories of the past, pause to embrace the present and be curious and empowered towards the hope and possibility of the future.


My unique combination of these modalities enables my clients to fully work through their stories connected to grief and trauma.

I teach and guide people how to identify their thoughts, emotions, and sensations in their bodies so they can be super aware in the moment. In the present, TOGETHER WE create new experiences within the mind, emotions, and sensations in the body. This shift recalibrates the whole system towards something new so we can reframe and create a desired future.

Together, one step at a time.


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Life School 360

"I feel good, happy and ready for the next stage in my life. And I love the comfort of having the videos to look back on whenever I need."


"Her confidence and clarity create the backdrop for an experience of freedom and fluidity. I felt both challenged and delighted by Beth's permission to tune into my own experience"

"All the sessions were very supportive. I loved being outside and throwing /keeping our rocks. I also loved our community meals. I thought there would be more times I would want to be alone but I craved the community of the people we were with and wanted just more of togetherness."

I am having a hard time putting into words. But I feel warm and open and curious about my next level of healing. You made me feel safe and connected to all that is inside of me. I a m so grateful