It's what we all want.

What if I told you it IS possible

Actually, really possible.

Together We can
Heal the Past, Embrace the Present

and Explore Possibilities.

Hi, I'm Beth, and I believe in Serendipity.

Experiencing struggle and levels of grief and trauma are common and part of the human experience. Working through our stories can lead to purpose and meaning, even creating space to support others on their journey.


That's what happened for me.

I was so compelled to release the old stories that held me back.

This is why I stand here before you able to help.

I didn't want my past to control my present or future any longer.

I’m here now, whole, and wanting to help you and others move through their stories too.

Finding my own path to healing and growth, I recognized that "talk therapy" wasn't the only answer, and I was driven to explore alternative solutions. As part of my commitment, I embarked on shifting the narrative surrounding grief, trauma and healing. Now, I invite you to a safe and empowering space for your transformational journey, where you can begin a new chapter of your story.

Individual Therapy

Your story matters and whatever you are experiencing is valid. We have all experienced some type of struggle in life. Being witnessed is one of the most potent medicines.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker and I integrate therapy (EMDR), energy work and yoga to guide my clients as they heal the past, find ways to be present and create vision and possibility.


Check out all the ways we can be together in community and connection.

Community Conversations, Yoga Nidra, Grief Yoga and more

Gather • Connect • Learn • Act

Do You Ever...

- Feel like you're going to break if anything else is added to your plate? Like it could all fall apart at any given minute?

-Feel like the to-do list never endsFeel like you spend all day looking after everyone else?

-Constantly feellike you have to please everyone else - but not yourself?

-Feel angry, grumpy, frustrated without warning; you're triggered seemingly without cause?

-Feel as though things are out of your control?

-Feel like an imposter - wearing a "mask" to hide who you really are?


If you could be "patiently present" in the moment.

If you could find relief from frustrations and conflict?

If you could experience great relationships?

While our stories may be different, I deeply empathize and wholeheartedly connect with the grief and trauma many of us carry. If the stories connected to your past are controlling your present, I can help.

Together We can shift the narrative.

The past is in the past - it doesn't have to be your present and future too.

It can feel as though Grief and Trauma are ever present, strong and powerful - it's time to shift that reality.

We can't change or control what happened in the past

but we can control how it affects today by shifting the relationship with our beliefs, emotions and experiences.

We can reframe our stories of pain, grief and trauma to love, connection and healing. All of this results in a powerful shift in perspective.

It's incredibly difficult to do this alone Together We can navigate and heal the stories of the past, pause to embrace the present and be curious and empowered towards the hope and possibility of the future.


My unique combination of these modalities enables my clients to fully work through their stories connected to grief and trauma.


Bringing together therapy, EMDR, yoga, breath-work, and energy healing,I create a space where you can feel safe to show up exactly as you are, at that moment - authentically YOU.

Working together we will connect your stories and experiences to start to make sense of them. Each story, each experience, each relationship from our past creates thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. These thoughts and beliefs connect to certain emotions in our minds and bodies.

In the present moment, our nervous system calibrates towards what we experienced as adverse or traumatic from the past. Our nervous system doesn't know the difference - it can't tell if it was 10 years ago or now - so in the moment your system subconsciously believes it is re-living the experience -

I teach and guide people how to identify their thoughts, emotions, and sensations in their bodies so they can be super aware in the moment. In the present, TOGETHER WE create new experiences within the mind, emotions, and sensations in the body. This shift recalibrates the whole system towards something new so we can reframe and create a desired future.

Together, one step at a time.


Navigating the teenage years can be overwhelming, so I created Life School 360 to support, connect and empower teenagers and families through challenging times.



Life School 360

"I feel good, happy and ready for the next stage in my life. And I love the comfort of having the videos to look back on whenever I need."



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Back To Reality

May 20, 20232 min read

Dear Friends,

When someone says, “Back to reality” - my response is, “That was reality too”- Whatever it is that you created time and space for is possibly more real than anything.

In our busy and overwhelming world, the concept of taking time for ourselves is often discussed and encouraged. However, many people find it challenging to carve out time for themselves and create space for self-care within their everyday realities.

When someone returns from a vacation, retreat, or special event, the phrase "back to reality" is often accompanied by a sense of disappointment or resignation. But what if we reframed our understanding of reality? What if we acknowledged that every experience, whether it's savoring the beauty of nature or indulging in a mindful cup of tea, holds its own value and authenticity?

Here's the thing: all those moments, whether it's a relaxing beach trip, or an engaging yoga class, are part of reality too. Taking a break and indulging in these activities is just as real as any other realities such as laundry and errands. We tend to overlook this and assign value judgments, labeling certain experiences as more desirable or "better" than others.

As someone who recently took a month-long adventure, I understand the importance of integrating those "away" moments into my current realities. Skiing through an epic season, meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone became my reality, even as bills, friends, family and my dog awaited my return to Connecticut. Even though I brought my work with me, the change of scenery allowed me to experience a different reality—a reality filled with magic and adventure.

I find ways to integrate the magic and serenity of that experience into my current reality. That reality embodied the essence of everything authentically real to me.

Intentional time away from our everyday lives often feels more real than anything else. It provides us with spaciousness, allowing us to see, hear, taste, touch, and sense the world through a different lens. By embracing all our realities we can find balance and fulfillment in each moment, whether it's an escape or simply a moment of pause in our daily lives.

Remember, it's all reality.

With Gratitude,


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