Therapy combined with coaching

Enhance your body, mind, and spirit


Move through your stories using therapy, coaching, meditation, yoga, and energy healing

Are you stuck in old stories and is fear holding you back in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out?

We have all experienced some type of struggle in life. Having your pain witnessed is one of the most potent medicines. 

Bring awareness. 

Shift stories.

Create new possibilities.

It is YOUR time to release struggle of the past, be present, and create a vision for your future. Therapeutic coaching gives you the space to explore your unlimited potential and discover deeper meaning for your life, work, and play.

Body | Mind | Spirit


Therapeutic Coaching Offerings with Beth Segaloff

Reuniting With Self:
A six-month therapeutic coaching program

Work with Beth using a combination of all her healing modalities—therapeutic coaching, yoga, reiki, nutrition—over a six month period. This is ideal for someone willing to commit to their healing, looking at the past and moving forward into the future. Beth will be there to consistently support you during this six-month period of transformation.

Customized Programs

I will meet you where you are. Choose therapeutic coaching, yoga, reiki—or a mixture of modalities. Possibilities available to create YOUR personalized experience. If you would like to work together in an a la carte fashion and the six-month program isn’t quite right for you, please get in touch with me to schedule your ideal process.


*Therapeutic coaching sessions can be done in person or virtually.